Andahelana Falls
Situated in Elpitiya, just a 20 minute drive from Kadolana Eco Village, Andahelana Falls is hidden inside Beraliya Mukalana. The 15 minute trek through the rain forest crossing many small streams of water to reach the falls is an adventure not to miss. If you trek further up past the water fall you will come across a natural pool which is perfect for a dip to cool off.
Galagoda Shailatharama Viharaya
Boasting of South Asia’s largest reclining Buddha statue, Galagoda Shailatharama Viharaya in Karandeniya is situated just a 5 minute drive from Kadolana Eco Village. The 35 meter statue is said to belong to the Dambadeniya Period and is estimated to be about 800 years old. Located on the highest point in the area, the view from the temple will take your breath away.
Known for the sandy beaches and coral reefs, Hikkaduwa is just a 15 minute drive from Kadolana. The many shack type pubs and restaurants along the beach attract foreign tourists and locals alike.