Boat Ride
The two and a half hour Boat tour on Madu River is an experience you will never forget. The journey along the narrow strips of the river and through mangrove (kadolana) forests will awaken the adventurer in everyone. The first pit stop is at Cinnamon Islands where you can see how cinnamon is processed, from bark to the final drying. Next you can discover Kothduwa Viaharaya, an old Buddhist temple located on an isolated island in the middle of the river. The giant squirrels here are extremely friendly and will climb down to you in hope of little treats of fruit. Next you’ll be taken to a wooden platform in the middle of the river where you can try Fish Therapy, where a shoal of tiny fish will nibble at your feet giving you a tingling sensation like no other.
Bird Watching
Our tree house provides the perfect vantage point to observe the many different birds that live and visit the Madu River habitat. From large fishing eagles to tiny sunbirds, you’ll be able to spot and photograph a variety of interesting and beautiful birds going about their business.
We provide fishing rods for the fishing enthusiasts. You can walk down to our pier and try your luck. You can bring your catch up to our chef and he’ll prepare it exactly the way you like!