Our Story

Kadolana Eco Village is a unique hotel of just 8 private dwellings in a wooded area facing the Madu River. This is an eco friendly dream hideaway for all of the comforts you could wish for in absolute privacy surrounded by the simple woods of nature. The perfect serenity of Kadolana Eco Village will let you create a world of your own.

Waking up in the dawn to the sounds of myriad different bird calls in the soft luxury of your bed, a splendid view of lush jungle surroundings and Madu River is a refreshing experience that will awaken your mind. At Kadolana Eco Village you can observe the surrounding vegetation and absorb its tranquility, all the while remaining cocooned within the comfort of you private villa.

At Kadolana you can unwind and find a sense of peace. Perhaps you will end up doing nothing, but considering the fanatic pace of today’s world, doing nothing at all is possibly the greatest gift one could have.

Committed to conducting business in harmony with nature, Kadolana uses Solar power to generate hot water and partial lighting. A small vegetable garden provides fresh produce grown organically to supply the kitchen. Additional supplies are bought from the village ensuring the community benefits from us.